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About Loskop Info

What is Loskop Info?
Loskop Info is a website that wants to create a “one stop shop” for local residents to find their way around town and to promote tourism in the Loskop Valley area. The site is currently being updated with more information about Groblersdal, Marble Hall and the Loskop Valley in general.
The site has been in existence since August 2006 and enjoys over 35 000 Hits per month and on average 1200 visits a day. This is done without any advertising and only by clients looking for accommodation and events in the Loskop Valley.

How does it benefit my business and how will the site change in future?
The site’s primary focus would be on accommodation in and around the Loskop Valley.  At the moment more that 40 Guesthouses, Game Lodges and other establishments are listed on the site in this area.  At the moment no establishments such as Lodges, Restaurants, Clubs’ contact details are provided, we are in the process of adding all this information so that clients can contact the specific establishment directly.

Keyword search on Google:
• “Groblersdal Accommodation” – We are listed on page 1.
• “Accommodation Marble Hall” – We are listed on page 1.
• “Loskop Valley” – We are listed on page 1.
• “Restaurants Marble Hall” – We are listed on page 1.
• “Groblersdal Weddings” – We are listed on page 1.

What’s new on the site?
The site will have the following other information:
• “Loskop is Lekker” calendar. A monthly calendar with what to do in this area.
• Restaurant listing.
• Specified accommodation breakdown i.e. Guesthouse in Groblersdal, Self catering Units in Marble Hall ext.
• A specific tab for Wedding and Conferencing facilities.
• Listing of Local service providers (Doctors,  pharmacy’s, local sport clubs, and recreation clubs). Ideal for new resident or visitors.
• Advertising space for local businesses wanting to promote their services (Hairdressers, Nail Technicians, Travel agents, Spa and Salons,  Property agents ext)
• Special offer Tab...Ideal for Guesthouse or Lodges needing to fill more beds in the times when they don’t have enough bookings.
• Free School, Church and events listing.
• Provide Website links for all establishments and institutions.

For any prices please E-mail us at or

• All events will be listed for free.
This cost will include the design and updates for your page.

In return Loskop Info will:
• Advertise on CVO Gromar’s website.
• Support local events at Establishments, Schools and Churches.
• Sign posts will be erected in and around the area.
• Advertising on Facebook.

What to do if your establishment is not listed.
If your establishment is not listed please let us know so we can send you all necessary forms in order to add you as soon as possible.

What to do if your information needs to be updated.
Please request the forms from us and return to us via fax or email.  Updates can be made as often as you prefer.

What to do if you would like to advertise on the site?
Please request and fill in the appropriate form and return back to us with all the necessary details.

Do you need more information?
Please feel free to contact us via email or fax to discuss your individual needs.

We look forward to a long and successful relationship with your establishment.

Kind regards


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